Organized by the Institute of Forest Science, Kookmin University
Sponsored by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation and the National Natural Science Foundation, China
Under the Auspices of the Ecological Society of Korea, the Korea Long-Term Ecological Research Committee, and the Scientific Committee of Chinese Ecosystem Research Network


08:30 - 09:30

(Chairperson: CHOE, Jae Chun )

09:30 - 10:00

Opening Ceremony

KIM, Eun-Shik (Organizer, Kookmin University , Korea)

ZHAO, Shidong
(Co-organizer, Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Ρ Ρϼ, China)

Welcome Addresses

KIM, Yeong-Suk
(Director, Institute of Forest Science, Kookmin University ߣΡϼ, Korea)
KIL, Bong-Seop
(President, The Ecological Society of Korea , Korea)

Congratulatory Addresses

CHUNG, Soung Jin
(President, Kookmin University , Korea)

NOH, Eui Rae
(President, Korea Forest Research Institute ϼ, Korea)

10:00 - 10:30

Group Photo and Break

10:30 - 12:00

Session 1: Keynote Speeches

(Chairpersons: KIM, Ji Hong and YU, Qiang ˭)

ZHAO, Shidong (Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Ρ Ρϼ, China): Biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of Changbai Mountain ߣ ڪϡ ڪ

KING, Hen-biau (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute ؽ, China-Taipei): The significance of natural disturbances to the forest ecosystem functioning: with special reference to typhoon կ ߣͧ Ѧ ġ :

HONG, Wuk-Hee (Research Institute of Sustainable Environment ϼ, Korea): Fifty years of ecosystem research in Northeast Asia: Looking back from 2050 ƽþ ͧ ϼ 50Ҵ- 2050Ҵ

12:00 - 13:30


13:30 - 15:00

Session 2: Landscape Aspect

(Chairpersons: JOO, Gea-Jae Ѥ and NI, Leyi )

FU, Bojie (Research Center For Eco-Environmental Sciences Ρ ϼ, China): The effect of land use on ecological processes in the hilly area of the loess plateau, China Φ£ ġ

LEE, Dowon Գ (Seoul National University , Korea): Traditional ecological knowledge for sustainability: interpreting flows in some Korean old landscapes ʦ : Φ κ ̵Ǵ ڪ

LEE, Kyu-Sung Х (Inha University , Korea): Remote sensing methodology to monitor vegetation cover over Northeast Asia ܨ ̰ ۰

PARK, Kyeong (National Parks Authority ءηӥ, Korea): Paleoecological significance of the Jilmoe Bog (alpine peat) in the Odaesan National Park ߣءҮ ߣ ͯ ګ

15:00 - 16:10

Session 3: Soil Aspect

(Chairpersons: LEE, Dowon Գ and FU, Bojie )

WANG, Shenqiang (Fengqiu Experimental Station of Agro-ecology, China): The effect of long-term different fertilizing methods fertility evolution of fluvo-aquic soil

SON, Yowhan (Korea University , Korea): Forest soils research and prospects for sustainable forest management ʦ ߣ η⸦ ߣ寿 ϼ

LUO, Yi (Yucheng Comprehensive Experimental Station Ρ Ρϼ, China): Evaluation of the potential evaporation subroutine of CERES Crop Models for their application in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, China ͧ ͪ Ҹ

KIM, Choonsig (Korea Forest Research Institute ϼ, Korea): Nutrient dynamics in litterfall and decomposing leaf litter at the Kwangnung LTER site, Korea ѢϼҮ ժ, ժ

16:10 - 16:30


16:30 - 18:00

Session 4: Limnological and Oceanographic Aspects

(Chairpersons: HONG, Wuk-Hee and ZHAO, Xueyong )

NI, Leyi (Institute of Hydrobiology Ρ ڪϼ, China): Decline of aquatic vegetation in Lake Donghu: implication for management of shallow Chinese lakes ڪ ܷκ

JOO, Gea-Jae Ѥ (Pusan National University ݼߣ, Korea): First phase of the ecosystem study of the Nakdong River (1993-2000) ˰ 1ӫͭ ͧ ϼ (1993Ҵ- 2000Ҵ)

IHM, Byung Sun ܹ (Mokpo National University , Korea): Study on the coastal mudflat ecosystem near Mokpo to manage coastal areas ͧ η⸦ ϼ

JE, Jong-Geel (Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute ϼ): Habitat and biodiversity on Korean coast of Yellow Sea 츮 ڪ ͸

18:00 - 20:30

Welcome Reception

Hosted by the President of Kookmin University


09:00 - 10:10

Session 5: Physiological and Climatic Aspects (1)

(Chairpersons: SHIN, Joon Hwan and XIE, Xianqun )

KIM, Joon (Yonsei University , Korea): Factors controlling ecosystem fluxes ͧ ÷ ϴ ׵

HU, Chunsheng (Shijiazhuang Institute of Agricultural Modernization Ρ ʫϼ, China): Strategies and approaches for high water use efficiency of crops towards sustainable use of groundwater in the piedmont of Mt. Taihang, China ڪ ϱ ۰--ߣ ߣ ʦ Ͽ

YUN, Jin Il (Kyung Hee University , Korea): Application of spatial statistics and crop models to agroclimatic zoning for rice cultivation in North Korea ڪټ ͪ ԫ Ѩ ϡ

10:10 - 10:30


10:30 - 11:40

Session 5: Physiological and Climatic Aspects (2)

(Chairpersons: KIM, Joon and CAO, Min )

YU, Qiang ˭ (Institute of Geography Ρ Ρϼ, China): Simulation of photosynthesis of winter wheat on Tibetan Plateau and in North China Plain ڪ ߤ --稿 ժ߾ݻ ߤǴ Φ

OH, Sung Nam (Meteorological Research Institute Ѩϼ, Korea): A bioclimatic assessment of urban area at Seoul based on observations and numerical simulation Դ Ѩ ʤ: κ ټ

XIE, Xianqun (Institute of Geography Ρ Ρϼ, China) The connotation and strategy of the research on water movement and its regional differential regularity in agro-ecosystem of north China

14:00 - 12:50

Session 6: Regional and Biodiversity Aspects (1)

(Chairpersons: MAH, Young-Il ة and LIAO, Liping )

CHOE, Jae Chun (Seoul National University , Korea): A longterm phylogeographic study of magpies (Genus Pica): Behavior, ecology, and evolution ġ Ѣ ͧ ϼ: ,

ZHAO, Xueyong (Institute of Arid and Cold Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Ρ Ҳ Ͼϼ, China): Desertification research in China خ ϼ

KONG, Woo Seok (Kyung Hee University , Korea): The impact of global warming on the alpine plants of Mt. Halla Ϲ ߣ ߣڪ ġ

12:50 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:10

Session 6: Regional and Biodiversity Aspects (2)

(Chairpersons: CHO, Do-Soon and LUO, Yi )

OWEN, Jeffrey (Institute of Earth Sciences, China-Taipei): Applications of stable isotope techniques to ecosystem research

LEE, Joon Ho (Seoul National University , Korea): Long-term monitoring of the arthropod community in paddy fields in Korea ڪ Ѣ ͸

KWON, Ohseok (National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology Ρ, Korea): Setting of the Ecosystem Conservation Standard by measuring biodiversity ҿ ͧ

15:10 - 15:30


15:30 - 17:20

Session 7: Forest Aspect

(Chairpersons: KONG, Woo Seok and HU, Chunsheng

LIAO, Liping (Huitong Subtropical Forest Ecosystem Research Station Ρ ϼ, China): Ecological basis for sustainable management of Chinese fir plantation forests ߴ ʦ η⸦

SHIN, Joon Hwan (Korea Forest Research Institute ϼ, Korea): Integrated long-term ecosystem researches at the Kwangnung LTER site, Korea Ѣϼ򢿡 ߣͧ ϼ

CHO, Do-Soon (The Catholic University of Korea 縯, Korea): Temporal changes of gaps in a temperate deciduous hardwood forest ժ ƴ ܨ

CAO, Min (Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden Ρ ҡڪ, China): Human dimension of tropical forest in Xishuangbanna, SW China Ӱ ݻ ҡ ġ

KIM, Eun-Shik (Kookmin University , Korea): The changes of tree growth in forest ecosystem by environmental changes ܨ ߣͧ ܨ ʤ

17:20 - 18:00

Session 8: General Discussion for the Promotion of Ecosystem Research and Sustainable Management in the Northeast Asia

(Chairpersons: LEE, Dowon Գ and YU, Qiang ˭)

ZHAO, Shidong (Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Ρ Ρϼ, China)

KING, Hen-biau (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute ؽ, China-Taipei)

HONG, Wuk-Hee (Research Institute of Sustainable Environment ϼ, Korea)

OWEN, Jeffrey (Institute of Earth Sciences, China-Taipei)

KIM, Eun-Shik (Kookmin University , Korea)

17:50 -18:00

Closing Ceremoney

18:00 -20:00

Social Funcition


Post-Conference Excursions

Field Trip to Kwangnung Experimental Forest LTER Site (Field Guide: LIM, Jong-Hwan )

Field Trip to Hallasan National Park ߣء Site in Chejudo Island ; Botanic Garden, Lava Tunnels; Folk Museum (Field Guide: KIM, Eun-Shik )

Cultural Heritage Tours to Seoul and the Vicinity

October 15, 1998 (Thursday)
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