The Long-Term Ecological Research in the Natural Mixed Deciduous Forest at Mae Khlong Watershed Research Staton


Kutintara Utis

Forest Bilolgy Ddpaartment, Faculty of Forestry KU, Thailand





Series of ecological researches were studied in the 4 ha parmanent sample plot established in the natural mixed deciduous forest of Mae Khlong Watershed Research Station in Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchaanaburi, Western Thailand. The ecological characters and dynamics of the tree layer, and ground layer have been studied. Seed production, litterfall and seeding production and survival have been observed since 1992. The decomposition of the litterfall(leaves) of the dominant spedies(Shorea Siamensis) at the top layers and the bamboo species of the middle layer were also studied. This research project is a part of the subproject on the Dynamical Changes of the Tropical Seasonal Forest under the maain project on the Chages of Troipical Forest Ecosystems aaand Global Waarming supported by Japan Science & Technology Agency and National Research Council of Thailand. This ecological study project has been set for 8 years, starting from 1992. The results of these studies are reported and summarized in this paper.