KLTER Committee Members

Byung Sun IHM, Chair (Mokpo National University, Coastal Ecology)

Do-Soon CHO, Member (The Catholic University of Korea, Forest Ecology)

Jae Chun CHOE, Member (Ewha Womans University, Behavioral Ecology)

Jong-Geel JE, Member (Korea National Assembly, Marine Ecology)

Bom-Chul KIM, Member (Kangwon National University, Lake Ecology)

Eun-Shik KIM, Member (Kookmin University, Forest Ecology)

Ohseok KWON, Member (Kyeongbuk National University, Agricultural Ecology)

Jeong Soo OH, Past Chair (Korea Forest Research Institute, Forest Ecology)

Joon Hwan SHIN, Member (Korea Forest Research Institute, Forest Ecology)

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For further questions, comments, or communication, please contact Professor IHM, Byung Sun, the Chair of the KLTER Network, Professor Kim, Eun-Shik, the International Coordinator of the KLTER Network, or any member of KLTER Committee. Thank you !